What Vitamin is good for Hair Growth and Strength?

The use of supplements to boost hair growth has grown exponentially but the development of lifestyle diseases has increased the speed at which people lose their hairlines. The unhealthy foods consumed rarely contain the necessary nutrients required for proper hair growth. And the hairstyles and wigs that people choose to invest in have negative effects on hair, some will leave with your hairline, and those that are put with glue will even leave with your skin.

So the invention of vitamins is actually an affordable option for people who can’t afford the hair transplants that can cost you an arm and a leg. What the vitamins do to promote hair growth is that they help in the creation of red blood cells that are necessary for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp.

Vitamins that are good for hair growth and strength

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

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Viviscal as a company are passionate about hair, the reason being that they have quite a good number of products all aimed at preventing the thinning of hair while promoting the growth of the already existing hair. The vitamin tablets are made from a marine complex Amino Mar that has been known to nourish hair.

Viviscal has been clinically tested for efficiency and even more interesting is that it is a drug-free formulation. And like all supplements, the vitamin has to be taken on a daily basis, for either 3 or six6 months. What’ more is that it has the backing of some of the most renowned dermatologists.


  • The vitamin is 100% drug-free
  • Taken only once a day
  • Comes recommended by dermatologists
  • Promotes hair growth and reduces thinning


  • Takes longer to work
  • Can be sensitive to the stomach


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Hair Sweet Hair Growth Vegan Gummies

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The Hair sweet growth vegan gummies are designed to encourage you to take your supplements on a daily basis with their heart-shaped design and sweet taste. They are highly beneficial as they promote the growth of longer hair for people who are experiencing thinning, in addition, the vitamin is known for encouraging hair pigmentation.

The latter is achieved by the Fo-ti Chinese herb and PABA that also strengthens hair, and for the individuals who have brittle hair that keeps breaking, Hair Sweet Hair Growth Vegan Gummies has incorporated the use of Zinc, which is known to boost the health of the hair follicles.

Most hair supplements are manufactured with gluten, and this makes it difficult for the vegans to use, however, for the Hair Sweet growth vegan gummies, gluten and gelatin have not been used in its formulation. Also, the nutrients incorporated have not been derived from genetically modified substances and it is thus a safe option for anyone who has issues with their hair.


  • Contains PABA that aids in the temporary darkening of hair
  • The Chinese medicine Fo-ti enhances longer hair growth and blackening
  • Gives results between four and eight weeks
  • Tastes like berries in the mouth


  • Taste not too pleasant for many people
  • Has side effects such as nausea

TRICHO COMPLEX Vitamin & Mineral Hair Supplement

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Dosage of the Tricho complex is twice per day and here you stand to benefit from selenium, iron, biotin and vitamin C, B, and D. The exceptional mix of hair vitamins and minerals makes it a very strong formulation in strengthening hair. The tablets do not contain sensitive ingredients for the vegans and work to strengthen hair from the inside going out.

For weak and thinning hair that needs extra nutritional support then the Tricho complex is your go-to hair vitamin.


  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Equipped with hair strengthening ingredients
  • Encourages growth of hair while reducing shedding
  • Manufactured with biotin to help enhance hair growth


  • Takes longer to see results


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Hair Supplement for Thinning Hair ( OUAI)

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The OUAI hair supplement for thinning hair is a one-package solution for individuals with hair thinning problems. The formulation of the supplement has obliterated the use of parabens and sulfates; they have been known to add to the luster of the hair while preventing breakage thus encouraging growth.

The supplement has been equipped with amino acids that are known to encourage keratin production and have incorporated biotin that accelerates hair growth. Treatment will take up to 90 days and living by their principle of not sacrificing quality in pursuit of quantity, the supplement does obliterate the problem of thinning hair.


  • Has been equipped with biotin and amino acids for enhanced hair growth
  • The daily hair supplements prevent hair breakage and thinning
  • Encourages natural keratin production which strengthens the hair strands
  • Adds shine to the hair making it look strong


  • Highly-priced
  • Takes longer to see results


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Natural formula hair growth vitamin

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The primary reason women invest in wigs is because of their edges that never seem to be full even after keeping off hairstyles that are believed to contribute to the thinning of edges. However, the battle is not yet lost and you have been provided with a hair growth vitamin that works to restore the edges and encourage hair to sprout from the scalp.

By taking one capsule each day, you stand to gain fast-growing and healthy hair, the vitamin capsules have been manufactured with botanicals that were used back in the day to grow fuller and longer hair. Unlike the jello-like capsules, the first hair growth vitamin supplement has a great taste in the mouth and will reduce the shedding of your hair.


  • Contributes to healthy and faster-growing hair
  • Encourages fuller edges
  • Have a great taste in the mouth
  • Reduces the shedding of hair


  • Has side effects on the skin
  • Takes a long time to work


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SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition

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The super hair daily hair nutrition is a super potent complex and by this, we mean that you are going to benefit from the bioactive vitamins, biotin, and Ashwagandha that encourages the growth of thicker and stronger hair. The formulation replenishes the already existing deficiencies that prevent the growth of healthy hair.

The vitamin supplement has incorporated the use of pumpkin and saw palmetto seed that has been known to inhibit the hormones that destroy hair. The formulation also promotes hair thickness and encourages the growth of healthy hair follicles.

The moon juice is a solution for individuals seeking longevity, wellness, and beauty, all of which are attainable if you also use their other products like the vegan collagen protection and the beauty dust.


  • Provides the hair with a daily nutrition
  • Works to replenish deficiencies
  • Equipped with botanicals that protect the hair follicles
  • Boosts the micronutrients


  • Has side effects (migraines)
  • Takes a lot of time to work


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Final thought

The reason we sampled different vitamin supplements good for hair growth and strength is because people react differently to the pills, for some it will work fast and for others, it might take longer. And when you have many options it becomes easy to find one that will give you results faster. Therefore, with recommendations from your physician, you can choose the one that will best suit your hair growth needs, all of the above vitamin supplements are effective, but with downsides that disappear after treatment.

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